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Feel the fear

We were waiting for the lift, when we noticed a young woman in the queue crying and being comforted by her friend. This would be noticeable in any lift queue but we were in a crowded queue at the top part of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and at that height people are a bit nervous of anything emotional.

Leave your Baggage Behind

I was now separated from my family and was instead with the customs officers in the UK answering questions and having my baggage searched, much to my kid’s mortification and my husband’s amusement. How had this happened? Because I had become too concerned with my baggage and not focused on where I was going.

Caterpillar Catastrophe

It was like a Michael Jackson tribute event as we all stood with one glove on and screamed high pitch yelps at frequent moments. Alas, we were not at a concert but in the garden at 7am on a Sunday morning and the event was a caterpillar infestation.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

It was a simple goal, to get a photograph with a white lion cub called Boris – his trainer was there, his friends were there and it was in an enclosure, how hard could this be? Apparently very!

Stuff in the Night

If ‘stuff’ had an alarm reminder setting it would be 3am. One minute I’m fast asleep, head nice and empty apart from the odd weird dream cruising in and then…WTF…

The Point of Presence

Last night my soul sat down and cried.Not a sobbing, wrenching expressive wail of frustration and anger But a silent heart breaking yearning for the past that had been irretrievably lost

And the future I could not find.

Winged words

“You have a lung disease.” A statement with two words together that you never want to hear. As the doctor carried on with other inconsequential words like “inhaler, medication, tests” my brain had gone into an amygdale high-jack thereby cutting off all rational thought and processes and replacing it with an irrational scream of “I’m going to die”.


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