Capture a totally unique natural outdoor experience, together with the beauty, mystique and culture of the North West Province in South Africa

Wild at Heart Conferencing has identified the need for integrated experiencial coaching and corporate wellness training through, life-coaching, self-fulfilment and actualisation programmes, with the ultimate goal of a quality of life that individuals and businesses strive to attain. This natural experience is for all individuals, in both their personal and business lives who are seeking methods to increase productivity and interdependence. Wild at Heart Conferencing brings to the individual and business sector a unique educational, adrenaline-rushing and rejuvenating experience that will capture not only a totally unique outdoor experience, but also the beauty, mystique and culture of South Africa, in particular the surroundings of The Cradle of Humankind, Hartebeestpoort Dam and the Magaliesberg area.

Wild at Heart Conferencing are currently making use of wilderness, spa and 5 star conferencing venues in the area, which are staffed and managed by highly-skilled and experienced individuals, therapists, facilitators and educators. These destinations are fully-equipped as conferencing centres, offering overnight accommodation, team-building activities, animal interactions, spa facilities and a range of adventure activities for individuals and business executives.

As an exclusive  opportunity, business executives making use of our services for strategic planning, development and collaboration may now be accompanied by their spouses and children, who will be taken through their own education, enrichment and self-actualisation programme that will increase and support Individuals, companies and family productivity and synergy.

Two day “Performance through Personal Mastery”

Wild at Heart conferencing was asked to do a two day program with all staff, addressing personal mastery skills. This included having a different experience that would motivate staff whilst addressing issues such as positive attitude, appreciating and pride in their jobs and each other, communication skills especially in relation to clients, delegating skills and a chance to think about their lives and the direction of the company. The program included training and practical experiences that reinforced learning and brought an element of fun and excitement.


“I learnt a lot and am going back to my company as a different person and will implement same” 

Funzani Nesengani

Attorney, Negota SSH

“It has motivated me to be firm and stand for what I believe in and to stand my ground”

Tebogo Masikinya

Clerk, Negota SSH

“I learnt a lot of skills/guidelines that I can use in my personal and work space – inspiration to move forward and make new goals in my life – Wild at Heart Conferencing is a wonderful experience”

Lize Chaplin

Paralegal, Negota SSH

“The accommodation was awesome. Hazel is a very bubbly person – she is like a breath of fresh air”

Zelda Mcbride

Client Liaison, Negota SSH

“Loved the elephant experience, lovely venue and beautiful place”

Sanet Hasse

Conveyancing Secretary, Negota SSH

“It was an absolutely stunning venue with awesome food and everyone from the cleaners to bartender, waiters and mangers, every single one greets you in a friendly manner. The fact that Hazel looks so confident when she speaks make you believe every word and put all your trust in what she is saying. It reminded me to stay positive no matter what and not to let things bring me down, I learnt how to tap into what level a person is at and help steer the conversation and create rapport with that person. Wild at Heart Conferencing is a fantastic, innovative and exciting way to help with personal growth.”

Jacqui Van Aswegen

Candidate attorney, Negota SSH

“I was fortunate in the Hazel is the perfect personality to hold my attention. Hope that the others felt like this as well. I learnt/experienced a lot about management of others and myself. I also realized I have a lot to learn still!”

Deon Pienaar

Director, Negota SSH


For those “Wild at Heart” individuals and organisations try:

Business in the Bush

Interact with wild animals in their natural habitat, experience the sounds and smells of the bush whilst learning how business skills can be learnt through the lessons of nature

Working with Wellness

In a tranqill and relaxing health spa environment, combine learning and skill development with holistic treatments, wellness assessments or team building opportunities and destress for optimal performance



Project Details:

Capture a totally unique natural outdoor experience, together with the beauty, mystique and culture of the North West Province in South Africa


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