“First of all I would just like to say thank you Hazel, you are a brilliant facilitator. I have learnt how to remain positive as an individual and to get rid of all the negativity that surrounds me so that I can grow and achieve success in my life. I would so love it if everyone I know could attend this course”

Akash Omapershad


“Wonderful and enriching! Hazel is a fantastic facilitator and definitely brings a clear message across. Thank you, fantastic three days spent, well worth the time”

Lianne Viljoen

Sasol Polymers

“It was one of the most enjoyable and most informative experiences I’ve attended. It is amazing how my way of thinking has changed”

Faranaas Warmsin


Excellent, full of substance! At last I have found a course that is truly worthwhile. The presenter was very vibrant. Highly recommended”

Denise Phillips

Eastern Cape Technikon

Hazel is amazing!


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