The Point of Presence

Point of presence

Last night my soul sat down and cried.

Not a sobbing, wrenching expressive wail of frustration and anger

But a silent heart breaking yearning for the past that had been irretrievably lost

And the future I could not find.


Not a soft enveloping darkness, a winter hibernation, watching dusk fall and shadows lengthen

But a pitch, black, night of the soul that was filled with both a void of nothingness

And a crowded space filled with every fear and hopeless emotion.

Empty promises, disappointments, guilt, shame, unfulfilled destiny.

A feeling of a giant hand clenching round my lungs, heart and spirit,

Crushing any tiny flame of joy in a fist of despair.


Which is the worst terror? The darkness of the night with its suffocating fear

Or the impending new day with the dread of things to do and achieve?

A feeling of swimming underwater, or driving in the fog,

Living a muted, distorted and suppressed existence.


And so I sit in the void, in a fetal position of protectiveness,

Unable to breathe, unable to quieten the mind

And the incessant chatter of fear filled conversations,

Unable and immobile,



Waiting for someone, some solution, some presence to save me.

Pleading with the mind to come up with a logical answer

And hearing only the words of “you’ve failed, you’re unloved, you’re insignificant

You’ve missed the deadline, you can’t beat the clock”


In an isolated system entropy is the only increase.

Is there anyone out there?


As I sit and let the despair seep into my bones and my soul,

There is a movement, An inner space, a breath that says

“Surrender; let go of what you have been holding onto.

Allow; be vulnerable and open to the raw beauty of this moment.

Fail; and let that failing show you that the past is disappearing

And that failure is a necessary part of creation.

Grieve; and let it wash through you like a tidal wave cleansing and clearing.

Awaken; to a new kind of day and the creation of a new souls path and an unknown journey”


As the space expands, the darkness becomes also the light.

A light of deep grace, of forgiveness and divine love.

A penetrating light being that reaches into the soul

And ignites the smallest spark, not yet visible, not yet manifested.


A faint vibration of an answered prayer,

An acute awareness of the simplicity and necessity of living in the moment

And a whispered freedom, releasing all that is weighing me down.


In an isolated system entropy can only increase,


So be in presence, In this sacred space of awareness

And listen to the profound energy of all that is and is not.

Be mindful of your heart beating, be conscious of your breath, to the sound of silence

And bigger than that, hear the earth’s heart beat, feel the exhalation of the universe as it sighs

“All is well my child, all is love, all is as it should be”


Last night my soul sat down and opened up

And a valiant knight of the soul rode in.

And as tiny fingers of dawn softly grew, the still, small voice sweetly wept and said

“Welcome to the crack between the worlds,

Welcome to the greater spiritual experience,

Of living in authenticity, humility and gratitude.

Welcome to living from the soul.

Welcome home”

Gifts from the Sea – The Sea Urchin

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Feel the fear

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Leave your Baggage Behind

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Caterpillar Catastrophe

Caterpillar Catastrophe

It was like a Michael Jackson tribute event as we all stood with one glove on and screamed high pitch yelps at frequent moments. Alas, we were not at a concert but in the garden at 7am on a Sunday morning and the event was a caterpillar infestation.

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Winged words

Winged words

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HAZEL FARRER : LIFE COACH, WELLNESS PRACTITIONER, WRITER, TRAINER & PRESENTER Life coach, wellness practitioner, writer, trainer and presenter and is registered through SAQA as an accredited trainer and assessor, through various bodies in individual complementary therapies and through COMENSA as an accredited life coach, NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist


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