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CLIENT COMMENTS “I learnt a lot and am going back to my company as a different person and will implement same”  Funzani Nesengani Attorney, Negota SSH “It has motivated me to be firm and stand for what I believe in and to stand my ground” Tebogo Masikinya Clerk, Negota SSH “I learnt a lot of skills/guidelines that I can use in my personal and work space – inspiration to move forward and make new goals in my life – Wild at Heart Conferencing is a wonderful experience” Lize Chaplin Paralegal, Negota SSH “The accommodation was awesome. Hazel is a...

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Wild at Heart Conferencing

Wild at Heart Conferencing has identified the need for integrated experiencial coaching and corporate wellness training through, life-coaching, self-fulfilment and actualisation programmes, with the ultimate goal of a quality of life that individuals and businesses strive to attain.

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Equi Talk

Equi-talk is a unique experience using horses on the ground in a safe and non-threatening environment to explore and enhance communication, interpersonal skills, EQ and personal well being. It is a subtle yet powerful tool that can be used for self- realisation and reflection

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