The roots of a tree give nourishment, stability and strength and the roots of the Hazel Tree represent knowledge, awakening wisdom, and inspiration. I learned how to apply these roots throughout childhood from a loving and service orientated family and as an experience junkie who always wanted to know more, I related to the picture of the Hazel Catkin Fairy I was once given –“the bringer of insight and flashes of inspiration, finding knowledge in an individual way and developing intuition”.

The trunk and the branches then are what are externalised, our “in the world” calling, and the Hazel branches are learning, teaching, communication and healing. These are the essence and branches of what I do and have always done and with so many ways of awakening wisdom, one career was not enough

I started with a BA Hons degree in Leisure Management and worked in the U.K. in senior management positions from 1987. My need for learning involved working in parks, events management and community recreation development and initiating children’s play provision, national disability strategies, women in sport programmes and equality and affirmative action policies. My passion within my work was children’s recreation and children’s right to play which also allowed for my ‘Hazel fairy’ need for creativity, play and intuition

Within management, I also focussed on staff development and training and the development of National Vocational Qualifications within government departments which developed my teaching skills and enabled me to become a National trainer and accredited assessor


Hazel Farrer
Hazel Farrer
Hazel Farrer

During this time I lectured to, chaired and campaigned for local Inner City community groups and children’s charities, was a presenter on Cable TV and regional radio, an aerobic instructor and a motivational speaker across the Country so I was able to be a catalyst for transformation whilst developing my communication skills.

After a bad back accident which enabled me, somewhat unwillingly, to slow down, reassess my lifestyle and pace and put myself back on the agenda, I attained my teacher qualification in adult education and moved into the holistic health field. I experienced the power and need for natural healing modalities and the development of my intuition and ran my own practice as a holistic therapist and lectured at various colleges in business economics, complementary therapies and health related fitness.

In 1996 I moved to South Africa and set up Hazel Tree Coaching as a life coach, wellness practitioner, writer, trainer and presenter and was registered through SAQA as an accredited trainer and assessor, through various bodies in individual complementary therapies and through COMENSA as an accredited life coach, NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist. In 2016 I moved to The Algarve, Portugal and am developing and growing Hazel Tree Coaching to include retreats.

The Hazel Tree has many leaves and its fruits of wisdom, the Hazel nuts. Foliage is what we give and get through radiating our happiness, our unique frequency and truth. I enjoy the leaves of creativity, empowerment, freedom, inspiration, joy, travel, health and family and love the challenge of letting the leaves blow about in the wind freely – hopefully without letting the Hazel nuts of wisdom fall off the tree whilst doing so!


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