Life Coaching Workshops

Sorting out our Stuff

Endings and beginnings, the impact of clutter, letting go, creating space for the new.

H2O - Health and Happiness Optimisation

Happiness and productivity, impacts on health, happiness formulas, science of laughter

The Gift

What is Presence, unwrapping life’s gifts, being present, mindfulness

Being in Balance

The impact of change, physiology of balance, 9 principles of balance

Detox your Day

Raw food eating, super foods, exercise, detoxing, yoga

Sensory Acuity

Reflexology, Aromatherapy, meditation, Sound and Breath work

Selling Brand me

Personal and Corporate Image, Colour psychology, voice development

The power of the brain

Unlocking the brain, working simpler, better and faster, brain profiling

The power of nature

Nature for relaxation, labyrinths, plants and herbs, salt and water therapy

Positive enviroments

The art of feng- shui, clearing your space, bran wellness -positive offices and homes

Be your own life-coach

The ‘law of attraction’, how to achieve your goals, finding purpose, vision boards


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