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Hazel Tree Coaching is a holistic life coaching, training and health development company that helps individuals access their inner wisdom and achieve their potential. I offer co-active training programmes, life coaching sessions and holistic therapy interventions towards the development of life skills, health, well being and happiness.



Life knowledge workshops, focus events and teambuilding opportunities  in the beautiful area of The Algarve, in Portugal. The retreats  focus on transformation through insight, personal power, mindfulness and relaxation and encompass health, productivity, communication, multiple intelligences, work/ life balance, personal growth and positive attitudes.

Life Coaching

One on one or group sessions and workshops using established coaching and counselling methods and innovative analysis tools to clarify life issues, release limiting beliefs, and recreate life’s journey in an empowered and inspired way. It is a powerful process that works on the Three R’s of revelation, re-evaluating and restructuring and supports people in realising their full potential and making changes in their lives.

Corporate Skill Development programmes

Core and critical skills based training, assisting employees to participate in experiential coaching, integrated learning and work based programmes as part of career assessment and progression. Courses address topics relevant for junior or new staff up to senior management level and can include team building opportunities.

Wellness Consultancies

One on one consultations or small group interventions, facilitating physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth and healing. Interventions use recognised health assessment tools, holistic therapies and nutrition and exercise modalities to uncover and address physical health issues, release emotional blocks and align mental processes bringing balance and purpose to the whole person.



empower and motivate individuals to identify new possibilities

encourage people to seek knowledge, inspiration and joy

facilitate and promote learning, creativity and intuition, heart centered communication, health and self healing

create opportunities for career development, personal power and life success


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