“I learnt a lot and am going back to my company as a different person and will implement same” 

Funzani Nesengani

Attorney, Negota SSH

“It has motivated me to be firm and stand for what I believe in and to stand my ground”

Tebogo Masikinya

Clerk, Negota SSH

“I learnt a lot of skills/guidelines that I can use in my personal and work space – inspiration to move forward and make new goals in my life – Wild at Heart Conferencing is a wonderful experience”

Lize Chaplin

Paralegal, Negota SSH

“The accommodation was awesome. Hazel is a very bubbly person – she is like a breath of fresh air”

Zelda Mcbride

Client Liaison, Negota SSH

“Loved the elephant experience, lovely venue and beautiful place”

Sanet Hasse

Conveyancing Secretary, Negota SSH

“It was an absolutely stunning venue with awesome food and everyone from the cleaners to bartender, waiters and mangers, every single one greets you in a friendly manner. The fact that Hazel looks so confident when she speaks make you believe every word and put all your trust in what she is saying. It reminded me to stay positive no matter what and not to let things bring me down, I learnt how to tap into what level a person is at and help steer the conversation and create rapport with that person. Wild at Heart Conferencing is a fantastic, innovative and exciting way to help with personal growth.”

Jacqui Van Aswegen

Candidate attorney, Negota SSH

“I was fortunate in the Hazel is the perfect personality to hold my attention. Hope that the others felt like this as well. I learnt/experienced a lot about management of others and myself. I also realized I have a lot to learn still!”

Deon Pienaar

Director, Negota SSH

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